Granite Countertop Warehouse

Are you searching for the best place for countertop for sale? You will find the lowest prices and the most beautiful countertops at Granite Countertop Warehouse.   We have the Cheapest Granite Countertops in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina!   When we say that we have the cheapest granite countertops around, we don’t mean that its cheap in quality, but cheap in having the best value and low granite prices around. Granite Countertop Warehouse and Crowe Custom Counters prides itself in giving our customers the finest natural and engineered stone countertops with the greatest selection at wholesale prices. When we speak of cheap, we mean incredibly low prices and huge discounts!   Cheap Granite comes directly from the quarry. We buy in Bulk!  
Cheap Granite from the Quarry
Granite Quarry
As one of the largest fabricators in the South, we developed close relationships throughout the world with the actual quarries. Our buyers source the finest natural stone and buy in bulk. Since we are the actual importer we are able to pass on the savings to our customers. When we say we have cheap granite, it means that have eliminated the middleman, the handlers, the transport company and other intermediaries to bring the savings to the people who actually have the countertops installed in their homes….our customers. Straight from the quarry savings!

  Cheap Granite Countertops come from State of the Art Technology When we say we have cheap granite countertops, we mean that we have invested in state of the art technology to eliminate the labor intensive  
Granite Fabrication Technology
Granite Fabrication Technology
task of templating and fabricating by hand. We have reduced the waste that goes along with performing these tasks in the traditional manner.  We use the latest technological equipment available today: The Proliner by Prodim, as well as the LT 55 Laser Templater to create an accurate digital template of your room. We don’t have to remove your existing countertops until we return to install your new granite countertops. Our process allows us to obtain accurate measurements without removing your old tops. All this translates into tremendous saving. Less labor costs and more efficiency means cheap granite counter tops.   Get Cheap Granite Countertops when you do not pay for unused Remnants.   Cheap Granite Countertops in AtlantaWhen we say cheap granite countertops we mean that we don’t make you pay for unused remnants. Unlike other fabricators, GCW only charges you for the amount of stone that you use in your project. The savings that our customers receive can be significant. For example, if your project takes 2 slabs to complete, but you have a half a slab left over, GCW will not change you for the left over piece!