Granite Countertop Warehouse

Thomas Poe







After reading several reviews, I suppose I am very fortunate to have had a favorable experience with Crowe. They are very, very busy, and this probably accounts for some unhappy customers. I happened to be able to use a piece that had a square cut out of it, so I got a fantastic deal on an Exotic slab of Fusion Quartzite. My seams are not perfect, but I didn’t expect that they would be. This material is not manmade, it’s Godmade, so there’s no way for man to make a perfect seam. The installers cleaned up their mess and left no debris behind. My salesperson was Kennie, and she was very polite and helpful. I love my countertops, and paid about $1500.00 less than my other quotes for a comparable countertop. Only use them if you are not in a RUSH, and you will most likely be very pleased.





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