Granite Countertop Warehouse

Rod Carter


3 star

We recently purchased granite counter tops from Crowe and we were very please with our salesman, Dave, who was very professional and knowledgably. We thought the Slabsmith method of getting an ide of what your counters are going to look like is a fantastic ides. We ended up with a seam in the middle of the counter which we initially thought would not look good but the installers did an outstanding job of blending the pieces. The colors we wanted and the area needed required two slabs to be used and the pattern matching was superb. Kudos to the design and installation team. Why, you might be wondering, did they only get three stars? Well, when the plumber hooked up the connections, the next day we noticed a leak. We put this down to the plumber having had a very long day (he installed our connection past 8PM) and called Crowe to get him back out. To our surprise, customers that had issues did not seem to take highest priority and we had to wait another day to get him to fix the issue. Next day, another leak, same routine and supposedly fixed. After the third time (this time the garbage disposal leaking) we were losing patience, When he showed up for his fourth visit he discovered the connection to the disposal was now broken and non-repairable – meaning we now had to buy a new disposal. We contacted Crowe giving them a choice to either replace the now useless disposal that their contractor broke or to refund the $250 installation fee. We felt a this point that we had no received the service we paid for. They stated that they did not warranty parts they did not supply. After some back and forth they agreed to refund half the fee ($150) which did not even cover the cost of the new disposal– which I then had to install myself. I our opinion, we should have been refunded the full amount or had our broken appliance replaced. The counters are great, the installation was great. The plumbing and subsequent customer service experience needs much to be desired. Thus, the three stars.



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