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What does it mean to be The Low Price Granite Leader?

When you’re planning your dream kitchen or bathroom, it’s just natural for you to want the best materials out there! If you’ve been searching for a granite importer, then you’re at the right place. Granite Countertop Warehouse is not your typical granite importer, we are also the low price granite leader!

This means that Granite Countertop Warehouse (GCW) is dedicated to bringing you the best value for your dollar. Since we are Direct Importers, we are able to hand pick the finest slabs at the quarry and deliver them directly to your home or business. By eliminating the middleman and dealing directly with the quarry, we are not only able to offer you the low price granite,  but we are also able offer you the best selection around! Our buyers understand the needs and desires of our customers and work directly with designers to locate choice slabs at quarries throughout the world and make them available at our slab yards.

Honest Pricing

Many fabricators don’t want you to know that you pay for unused stone. GCW only charges you for the amount of stone that you actually use on your project. The savings that our customers receive can be significant. For example, if your project takes 2 slabs to complete, but you have a half a slab left over, GCW will not change you for the leftover piece!


Save time and money with Digital Templating. We use equipment with the latest technology available today; the Proliner by Prodim, as well as the LT 55 laser template, allow us to create an accurate digital template of your kitchen or bathroom. This process allows us to obtain exact measurements without removing your old countertops. We don’t have to remove your existing countertops until we return to install your new stone countertops! Additionally, our expert staff is able to go over the digital drawings with you in your own home. You will be able to participate in the placement of seams, determine overhangs, and the size of radii and arcs, while getting instant visual feedback with our on-board computers.

Our Designers

Other fabricators have to send you to slab suppliers on the other side of town because they do not have the extensive inventory that we do. The problem with this is that the slab suppliers can’t tell you how much the stone will cost installed in your kitchen. So you may fall in love with a stone, only to find out days later that it is not in your budget.

Our Design Center has all the tools necessary to make your project absolutely perfect. Bring your own cabinet door to match your stone, or use ours! We have a complete line of cabinet door samples and a large selection of backsplash tile sample boards to assist you in selecting the perfect match. We also have an extensive line of faucets and sinks to complete your project. Our designers are here to help you at no additional cost.

Ever wondered where you can find a lower cost of granite countertops? GCW is a direct granite importer so the middleman is eliminated and will not drive up the cost of granite countertops.

What does it mean to be the LOW Price Leader?

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