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Affordable Onyx Countertops in Metro Atlanta and the Southeast

Onyx Kitchen Design in Atlanta GAOnyx is a rare stone that can really set your home apart. Although onyx can be expensive, it is totally unique and amazingly beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors and the veining adds colors to truly make it seem like artwork. It is best to install onyx in an open yet seldom used surface. Onyx is very soft and fragile. If you move pots and pans around or chop vegetables on it, you’re going to scratch the surface. If you spill any acidic liquid it could etch and dull the surface. Onyx needs to be sealed and cleaned frequently and may also have to be refinished periodically. Onyx is a crypto-crystalline form of quartz. The colors range from white to almost every color.  Onyx may also contain bands of white, tan, and brown colors. Sardonyx is a variant in which the colored bands are shades of red rather than black. Pure black onyx is the most common variety found. We have beautiful Onyx Countertops at wholesale pricing.

  • Onyx Apricot Lace
  • Onyx Aqua Marina
  • Onyx Arco Iris
  • Onyx Avion Gold
  • Onyx Blue
  • Onyx Dark Green
  • Onyx Fantastico
  • Onyx Honey
  • Onyx Medium Green
  • Onyx Royal Red
  • Onyx Senape
  • Onyx Volcano Red
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