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All-natural soapstone can be recycled completely. No sealers or toxic chemicals will be introduced into your home.

Granite Countertop Warehouse (GCW) is a leading fabricator and installer of Soapstone Countertops.

Soapstone has become a favorite natural stone for counter tops because of its remarkable properties.  Soapstone is very dense and non-porous. This means that it is very difficult to stain. Chemicals that would stain or harm other materials do not discolor soapstone. Subsequently, many people choose not to seal soapstone. In addition to its stain resistant properties, soapstone is also very heat resistant. You can actually rest hot pans and plates without harming the stone.

Like granite, Soapstone is a natural stone.  It’s composed mostly of mineral talc, which gives it the soft feel, but soapstone that is used for countertops typically has higher percentages of quartz in it, which makes it harder and more suitable as a kitchen surface. Soapstone is quarried from the earth and is custom cut to fit your kitchen. It’s all-natural and can be recycled completely. No sealers or toxic chemicals of any kind will be introduced into your home. Nothing needs to be done to make soapstone beautiful since nature has taken care of this. Once it has been quarried from the earth it simply needs a cleanup and a trimming before it arrives at your door in its natural state.

Soapstone is available in a range of shades on a sliding gray scale, some with blue or green undertones. Each slab is unique and varies from quarry to quarry. The widest variation in soapstone is in the quartz fleck and veining patterns. Some slabs have large but few veins; others have dense veining.

Soapstone counters are a low maintenance option that is both bacteria and heat resistant

With its light gray surface and subtle veins, soapstone merges old-world charm with modern beauty. Soapstone can withstand very high heat with no damage; you can put hot pans right on the surface without worry.  Lemon and tomato juice won’t discolor it, and it handily masks imperfections. Its beauty only grows over the years, as it darkens for a dramatic appearance. Soapstone can be used for more than just countertops; because of its resilience and adaptability, it works well as sinks, fireplace surrounds (because of its heat resistance), flooring, and throughout the bathroom. It’s also a great choice for outdoor counters and sinks because it is impervious to weather and bacteria.

Low maintenance is the name of the game with soapstone. Unlike other stones, soapstone won’t absorb stains and discolorations, so it doesn’t require sealers. Stains and blemishes are only skin deep and can be removed with gentle sanding. Applications of mineral oil will remove most scratches. Light gray soapstone darkens over time, accentuating its gray veining. Regular applications of mineral oil enhance its non-porous quality makes it bacteria resistant, so harsh cleaners are not needed. Soap and water are all that’s recommended! Soapstone is wonderful option and is beautiful in any home and with any style, from traditional to contemporary. Soft to the touch, the surface ages gracefully and lasts for years.