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Travertine CountertopsTravertine countertops are smoothed and polished to provide a more uniform surface much like granite and marble. Its honed natural finish is ideal for both commercial and residential use. Travertine countertops have beautiful veining and when polished, they acquire a reflective quality. It is often used in bathrooms because of its gorgeous veining. The veining pulls in other colors and textures from any area. Comparing it to other natural stones, travertine is generally less expensive, so you get more for your money. The stone may be hard, but it is porous.

Travertine Countertops are a great alternative for your kitchen countertops. The variety of colors offers great options for your custom kitchen.

  • Alabama Travertine
  • Alabastrino
  • Corteza Travertine
  • Fori Imperial Travertine
  • Mocha Travertine
  • Navona Travertine Vein Cut
  • Noce Travertine Cross Cut
  • Noce Travertine Vein Cut
  • Roman Travertine Cross Cut
  • Roman Travertine Vein Cut
  • Scabas Tobacco Travertine
  • Scabas Travertine
  • Silver Travertine
  • Turkish Gold Travertine
  • Turkish Travertine
  • Zacatecas Travertine

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