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atlantic-quartzGranite Countertop Warehouse provides expert Quartz Source fabrication and installation to designers, builders, contractors, and homeowners in metro Atlanta and North Georgia, as well as Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi and Florida. In addition to fabricating most major quartz brands and engineered stone, we also carry our own affordable, discount quartz countertops line called Quartz Source. We also fabricate and install natural stone countertop surfaces for residential and commercial uses. We employ state of the art machinery and technology with fine, local and experienced craftsmanship in order to provide our customers the finest countertops available at low, wholesale prices.

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Affordable Quartz Countertops

Granite Countertop Warehouse is the exclusive provider of this very affordable quartz countertop. Save 30%-50% off the cost of quartz countertops that have the same quality and durability as the major brands.

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  • Priced for Immediate Liquidation
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We also carry most major Quartz Brands:

Our QuartzSource quartz countertops cost significantly less per square foot, yet our slabs are 20% larger than the similar colors of other popular quartz slabs. At a guaranteed polished size of 126″ x 63″ and a significantly lower price of quartz countertops, our slabs offer tremendous savings and value.

With up to 8″ longer and 9″ wider slabs, QuartzSource benefits both fabricators and their customers by requiring fewer seams, less fabrication and installation labor, with a greater material yield. Quartz countertops prices and total cost are significantly lower and more affordable.

Often, a fabricator can produce kitchen countertops with 2 QuartzSource slabs, compared to where 3 of the smaller, more expensive slabs would be required. With this price savings, cheap quartz countertops are available to even the smallest of budgets.

QuartzSource slabs are made of pure natural quartz, pigments and binder material. The formula is 93% quartz, 7% resin, pigment, compaction and pressure, heat and polishing. Our standard size slabs are 126” x 63” x 1.125” (~3cm) and 126” x 63” x .75” (~2cm) or 55.125 square feet of “guaranteed” polished surface. The actual slabs measure 127.5” x 64.5”. These extra few inches of length and width add up to 2 square feet of polished slab material. That little extra can be a game changer with the quartz countertop cost on some projects.

You can save a considerable amount of money with our brand of quartz countertops. Give us a call today or stop by our showroom and speak to one of our stone experts to learn more about QuartzSource and how it can save you money.

Looking for high-quality quartz countertop cost that is actually affordable for your home renovation project?  At Granite Countertop Warehouse, we offer affordable prices for quartz countertops- much less than big box stores.