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Granite countertops are a common choice in the kitchen for many reasons. Apart from its magnificence, beauty and texture, it’s been a top priority for homeowners because its’ rock-solid scratch resistant capacity.


There are 4 Essential Decisions in Choosing Granite Countertops


Pick the color that is compatible to your decor of the room where you want to install the granite. You can find granite that is solid, speckled or veined for just the look you want. Every slab has a unique color and pattern that will make your home stand out. A very sought after neutral granite Santa Cecelia, blends beautifully with most design styles and cabinet shades.


Generally, Granite countertops come in two thicknesses, either 2 cm or 3 cm. Do not forget about these 2 sizes when choosing granite countertops for your kitchen or bath. The thick granite costs more due to its thickness and its ability to span longer areas. The thin granite will need supports for overhangs and exfoliated edges to build up the thickness of the granite edge.


Most people are not aware that they can choose the edge detail of the countertops that they want to purchase. Here are some of the edge profiles we offer:

It’s essential that all design elements including the edging, create harmony and reverberate the theme of the decor.

Sink and Backsplash:

Your decisions for a granite backsplash can run from the stone that matches your ledges to the utility of the backsplash.  Your options here will be extensive including traditional ceramic tile, visually dynamic mosaics, glass, stainless steel and an array of stone materials. Granite Countertop Warehouse has stone experts who can help you with your decisions.

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