Granite Countertop Warehouse

To protect your investment, and maintain its natural beauty, every piece of stone that Granite Countertop Warehouse fabricates comes with a 10-year stain protecting sealer warranty. The application of the sealer takes place during the installation of your countertop. This is your first defense in stain protection, and you will not have to re-seal it again for 10 years!

Granite countertops should always be sealed upon installation and then resealed based on need. The sealant is absorbed by the stone and designed to block the granite surface and keep any dirt, grease, fingerprints, and liquid stains on the top of the stone. When any spills occur, they simply pool on top, instead of being absorbed by the stone.This protects your granite countertops from permanent stain damage, allows you to easily clean and remove any stains from the surface, and prevents your granite countertops from trapping germs and harboring bacteria.

sealer warranty

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