Granite Countertop Warehouse

SSA_2014We are especially proud of our team’s customer service and willingness to take the extra steps to make a job work. Below is a letter we receive recently that reflects the care and commitment of our team. Every customer is special to us!

Hi, Rickie…

Just wanted to thank you for offering to work with us about the time for the drawing of the template …I was so worried when I saw how they were scheduled because we are living an hour away from Cartersville.

You came up with the perfect solution…plus, it will be so much cooler for the guys early in the morning…we don’t have air connected yet.

We went to LOTS of places looking for our counters and you were way above everyone else in professionalism, knowledge, and customer service. You made a daunting decision easy!

Thanks again!!! Have a good weekend!

BBB A+ is earned through great customer servic
BBB A+ is earned through great customer service