Granite Countertop Warehouse

Mary Mickleboro



3 star



Crowe had a great selection and sales person (Chris) was nice to work with. Everything went great until the end. I had to reschedule them several times because of cabinet delays and they were understanding of my situation. The granite was installed in my new kitchen and I noticed that the counter didn’t overhang but a 1/4 “. I called Chris about it and he said that is the way they do it. That isn’t correct because on the other side of the kitchen the counter hangs over the 1” that it should hang. Now when something spills on my counters on the sink side where most of the work is done it runs on my new cabinet doors. This is totally unacceptable in my opinion and their mistake which they will not own. Also on a bathroom vanity backsplash they did two 1 inch cuts on either side of the vanity. This is also a mistake that I didn’t see until later. The matching vanity on the other side is not like this. Again another mistake that I paid for and have to live with. I have installed granite and quartz 2 times before this and never had issues. The reason I went to Crowe was because they had the granite I wanted. I do think their selection was one of the best. I’ve lived in the kitchen now for about 4 months and the overhang hasn’t been as much of a problem as I thought.




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