Granite Countertop Warehouse

Countertop Edging Options

The edge profile is the shape your edge takes.Edges add a wonderful detailed dimension to stone countertops. There are a wide variety of edges to choose from- additional costs may apply, depending on the edge profile desired.

Eased Edge – Features a slight curve which adds movement and also tames the sharp edges. This is a popular choice.

¼ Round Edge -Features a slight curve on the top.

¼ Bevel Edge -This is quite popular. It adds a touch of geometric flair to any countertop. It is not overly ornate, but does add some visual interest.

Half Bullnose Edge -This edge adds curves to the room and shows off the most thickness and solidity of the granite.

¼ Round Top & Bottom Edge -Features a slight curve on the top and bottom of the edge, creating a slightly round, slightly pitched edge that is popular.

Full Bullnose Edge – Also called Full Round Edge is a completely rounded profile. This look works best with traditional, transitional, or the rustic/farmhouse style.

Demi Bullnose Edge – This edge is very smooth and flowing and shows a large cross section of the countertop making it appear thicker.

Half Bevel Edge – This is a subtle, angular edge. It’s a great way to get a heavy, modern look.

¼ Bevel Top & Bottom Edge – This is a popular contemporary edge. It has an angular slanting edge on top and bottom with a modern look.

Ogee Edge – This is a classic look that evokes the ornate elegance of other eras. It can have a deeper, more dramatic curve or it can have a more subtle line.

Waterfall Edge – An edge with tiers makes for a stunning focal point and adds interest. This ornate style exudes elegance and high end quality.

Chiseled Edge – This edge is rough and looks like a naturally broken piece of granite. It is often lightly smoothed and sprayed with a clear coat finish to make it shine.

Double Laminated Edge – This term refers to the process of cementing a second layer of granite to the edge of the countertop.

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